Slider shows and a very thin line with no thumb slider

I added a slider to my project. It works OK but does not show up on an actual phone as it does in the emulator.

On the phone, it is a very thin line. There is no slider handle.

I change the thumb position using code and that works. The colors change as expected.

I set the height percentage when I initialize the screen. Other than that, I see no height settings available.

Is there a known bug with the Slider?

Is this with the Theme setting on Screen1 set to something other than Classic? If you’re using the emulator, you’re likely getting the Classic theme by default (since it’s an old Android version) and that would explain the visual difference you’re seeing between the emulator and your phone.

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Thank you for getting back to me.

I searched to see where you set the theme but could not find that.

Is it at the screen level or the app level?

Screen1 properties in designer (scroll down on the right hand side to find “themes”)

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