Slider Position (remember)

I can get position of slider while the app is working, but after closing and oprning of app, value gets reselt.

Is it possible to store last position of slider to TinyDB and restore on start?

My block diagram is as attachedblock1

Yes, you can use TinyDB. In the "PositionChanged" block, add a TinyDB block that saves the position of the slider under a tag such as "position". In the screen initialize block, add blocks that will read the data from TinyDB from the "position" tag and write them to the "set Slider1.ThumbPosition to" block.

I found the block to store value, but how can I retrive and set to slider1.ThumPosition.
Attaching my diagram


Don't use the GetTags block. Instead, use a text box labeled "Slideroneposition", same tag you used for StoreValue.
Set the value of "valueIfTagNotThere" to eg the minimum value of the slider.

From the block drawer of the slider component, pull out the green block "set Slider1.ThumbPosition to". Attach "call TinyDB.GetValue" to this block.