Slider not functioning as expected

i have a number of sliders as part of an app but i need some how set them to only pick up certain increments and i cannot see any option like this. For instance slider1 is range 0 - 3 but i only want the slider to show 0 0.5 1 1.5 2 2.5 3

And for slider 2 which is 0 to 35 i only want it in 5s.

Is there anyway to do this or am i better using a different set of components?
Thumb position of Slider is not reflected in Text2.
Slider Thumb position is not reflected in Text2; does not change.

Set the slider1 to the maximum value 6.
Set the slider1 to the maximum value 7.

Round off values from a slider with this block.
Then multiply the value:

Slider 1 by 0.5
Slider 2 by 5.

See here:

The slider can be moved but the displayed value does not change.

Thanks in advance,

Slider1 max value 6
Slider2 max value 7