Slider double range possible?

hello, I'm looking to make a double slider.
for example a mini and a maxi on the same bar, is this possible?
Thanks for reading.

Not with the standard slider. You could do this with a canvas and image sprites or balls.


See the section The View Management Facilities in this obsolete project document to see how to do this in a vertical Canvas ...

You could try and do it in a webviewer.

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thanks for your help i will work :+1:

This would be a nice extension.

An alternative double range slider using canvas and balls (includes anti-cannibalism blocks)

DoubleRangeSlider.aia (5.0 KB)
(edit - uploaded revised version)

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With this extension we can create a double range Slider. Works best with a touch screen stylus.

p194_crear_sliderrange.aia (25 KB)

Good work Juan :+1:

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goog thk :+1: