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Hey guys,

I’m writing an app using a slider. In Designer view I can easily change its ColorLeft and ColorRight properties. Upon running my app, ColorLeft works, but ColorRight refuses to change. I did some digging and found that in App Inventor’s documentation that ColorLeft and ColorRight both have the same description (see screenshot). Any suggestions?

This bug has been about for a while:!searchin/mitappinventortest/slider$20color$20right|sort:date/mitappinventortest/oyXdIY14lFg/apjmmKgcBAAJ

Could you let us know more about your device, such as the manufacturer and what version of Android it is running? A screenshot of what you end up with would also be helpful. In my testing, it appears that the ColorLeft and ColorRight properties appear to be working in the emulator so we need more information in order to try and replicate this.

Yes, apparently that’s been the case since 2013. I’m in the middle of updating documentation for the next release so I’ll make sure that gets addressed.

I guess this is by design :wink:
Classic___________________________________Device Default

On Genymotion Google Pixel 3XL Android 9 Emulator

In my example, the ColorLeft and ColorRight are set to Cyan and Magenta, respectively. What are the settings where you’re seeing that it doesn’t apply.

This happens on both my:

  • Samsung Galaxy S7 - Android version 7.0
  • Galaxy Tab S2 - Android version 7.0

Okay. I think I understand the problem. The way that the colors are combined in Classic mode using White simply ends up selecting for the underlying gray color when the two are blended. It does work correctly for me in the emulator using “Device Default” mode.

@ewpatton Hi Evan, I changed the color ColorRight from White to Red and it still shows as a Dark Grey.

Ok. Thanks for checking. I’ll see if I can find an Android 7 device I can replicate this on. For reference, here is what I get on the emulator with Cyan + Red.

Thanks man. I’m a high school Computer Science teacher (mostly Java and Python) and was just playing around with App Inventor.

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@ewpatton I switched to Device Default from Classic Mode and it worked. Thanks!

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