Slider ColorRight / Companion issue

Slider ColorRight does not work with Companion correctly. It only works if Theme Classic is selected. But even then the color does not match the selection:

(tested on a Galaxy Note 8, Android 9 and S6, Android 7)

More on this…

Yes, I had read that, but @Ken said that he had no problems with Device Default and see also here:

I pretty much never use the companion because I am using my phone 99.9% of the time.

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Yes, APK works.

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@Anke would you mind sharing the AIA so we can run some tests to understand the nature of the internals of why this happening?

@ewpatton Of couse, I sent this one: playSounds.aia (194.9 KB) to @RusBoriska via PM regarding this topic:

Thanks. Based on my testing it seems like this works on Android < 5.0, and we do have a bunch of tests to handle some of the fragmentation of UI that happened post Android 5.0. It’s possible our conditionals don’t correctly handle Classic theme in Android 5.0+.

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It’s not really a big problem. I just wanted to point out that it doesn’t work properly with Companion.