Slide menu and arrangements

someone has used this slide menu?

It work for me.
I show and hide some arrangement (instead screens).
On screen1.initialize MainArrangement is showed (by visible property of arrangement)
Clicking on a menu item, I show corresponding arrangement and hide mail arrangement.

If I click on main item, previous arrangement is hidden BUT main arrangement is not showed correctly. (I've tried a button with same code to show main arr. to show it).

Here a screen of code and aia file to test.
What am I wrong that does not make main_arrangement appear correctly?
UTIL_MenuFinestre.aia (204.3 KB)

Use "and" instead of "or". Besides, your application does not start on my phone. Crashes immediately after running the compiled application.

I resolved in other way. I noticed that if I move first if-then in other position, it work correctly.

However, application crashes on my phone too, but not in companion.
I'm looking for the problem.

I suppose is sidebar extension (it is involved in both cases).