Size error when starting the app

Good morning everyone, after the last updates that the app inventor platform has had, there is an error when starting the app, I show it in the following photo…

the error is repaired by rotating the phone,

although, if we rotate the device error is visible too and then we rotate again and it aligns correctly

I would greatly appreciate your help … Thank you … !!

If you have chosen “Sizing = Fixed” try to set to Responsive (Screen1 in Designer):


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Thanks for your reply, I just have chosen this option and it fixed the error, I´d like the app could be sizing fullscreen because it appears middle size and it aligns in the center on the screen,
however, this aport helps me thanks for your support.!

… you can ensure your GUI is full screen on many devices by the way you design it - in particular, position and size components in % rather than pixels.

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