Single-button operation

Good afternoon!
Please help me, how to make it so that one button can turn on and off the light by ip addresses?
For example:
Thank you!


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Thank you very much! Wow! Finally it worked! I am very happy! Thanks!

Good afternoon! Please take a look, why does it work with a delay?

how long is the delay between pressing the button and the light changing ?

From 1 second to 10 seconds, in different ways. And if through the browser, it immediately works

Is this on your device or on your computer.

Try on your device browser, also try with compiled app.

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on a computer,
but what is it-a compiled application?

That’s it! Hurray!
TIMAI2, thank you for your help!
I just here (in the photo) indicated the address of the main Internet pageСнимок1

That is not the right place…?

No, there is still a delay, the app seems to be buggy. Please watch the sketch if you have any free time. Thank you in advanceOOOEEEE.aia (6.4 KB)

I suspect we will have to look at your Arduino sketch (.ino) file for the delay.

But while we are in your blocks, I have two questions …

Why do you have a global variable named state and why do you share it for all your buttons? Are you trying to remember if you left an LED on from last time? If so, you would need a different global variable for each different LED.

Also, I notice you don’t have a Web .GotText event.
For fun, add one to see if it makes a difference.

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Thank you very much for your time, now I will add variables, and about the second question, I do not understand what you are talking About: “Also, I notice you don’t have a Web .GotText event.
For fun, add one to see if it makes a difference”

Continue like this?

You are complaining about a delay, but not proving to us that the delay is not happening in the Arduino.
Show us the Arduino code.

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The browser works perfectly! The sketches are very large, the screenshot can’t be thrown off, and the iso and zip format does not accept.

you might want to rename the file and use the file extension txt and try again to upload

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I see from your browser screen shot you have buttons.
Here is a possibility of pushing them from AI2 ...

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sketch.pdf (138.4 KB)

Thank You!