Sine wave generator for full wave rectification

Hi team have a nice day,

We need to build an app to generate sign wane, The output of app to be input to the half wave and full wave rectification that we are going to show our school students using oscilloscope.

Please advise about this project that we can archive the goal.

I believe that watts of the output signal will not be drive to diode and we need to do some amplification so Please advise

Thanks in advanced


??? What you do depends on how you intend the oscilloscope to interface with an Arduino or other interface or use the audio output of your Android device.

Here are some ideas to consider:

Provide audio output from your Android or a signal from your Arduino (or other interface) to your oscilloscope. You may have to provide an audio amplifier to the speaker audio or output from the minicomputer.


I am planing build a sign wave app . The app audio output connect to the LED , The light of LED face to the , small solar panel, Using power opamp (LM1875 ) we can amplifier the output which can use to apply the diodes