Since screen size photo is invisible

When I start the app, the screen that I see depends on the size of my phone. Sometimes photo on the app is invisible. How can I solve this problem?

Which photo ? Where ? All you images seem to show the same thing ?

Show your relevant blocks.....

@dayoung What are the settings for Scrollable, Sizing, Theme, and TitleVisible on Screen1?

Based on the screenshots, it looks like the view is shifting up too much so the button is off the top of the screen.

the second picture is right one and first pictuer and third picture's top red part and ? is not be seen

no it's not scrollable. TT Size is set on cell phone
Isn't it normal for each cell phone to look different size? I wonder if there is a difference between cell phones in normal.

It is not scrollable and the size is same, but the view looks different on different devices. Some looks strange while some doesn't, and I don't know why. Is there any ways to set the screen size or make the view fixed?