Simultaneous rotation and translation

So, here’s the gist. We’re trying to make an app that essentially calculates some functions if you drop a cylinder that has an angular velocity onto a surface. What we would also like is a little animation to go with the calculations, so show the slip distance, the time the cylinder slips, and, if possible, the image sprite rotating while translating in a straight line. When googling and searching the forums, I’ve found many tutorials on these things individually, but I don’t know if it’s possible to have them both occur simultaneously, as a normal car wheel would spin while rolling in a straight line. I’ve tried having the heading change in degrees of revolution in time with a clock, however, when trying to translate of course, the image will travel in a circular path and end up colliding with the bottom edge of its canvas and stop all motion.

tl;dr is it possible to animate an image sprite to rotate about it’s own center while translating in a straight line? i.e. a car wheel rolling?

Yes, of course. An example:

rotation_translation.aia (3.7 KB)

You must load this and run it to see the rotation and translation.

Can you use this to provide your example? Certainly the sprite rotating while translating in a straight line. Let us know what else you can make the sprite do.


That was just the thing I needed! It allowed me to have a eureka moment in setting the else to have the image rotate based on the calculated values and the if condition being when it reaches the slipped distance! Thank you very much!

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