Simulation multiple screen

as a lot of people I simulate the use of several screens with layouts that I make appear or disappear when it’s necessary
I wanted to use this principle for a new screen and I do not understand why this “screen layout” does not appear entirely and one of the other “screens” appears when its invisible property is set to true
is there a nb of layout that can contain a layout?
the visible property of new screen is on visible with width and height on full parent and in spite of that it does not appear entirely

anyone have an idea about this mystery?


Please provide an example aia project that replicates your problem


here is the aia file on screen the layout i want to add seems to be right but in companion not

screen.aia (1.1 MB)


What ever it is is happening in your screen.initialise event.

Which “screen” (please name it) do you want to appear in full, and which “screen” (please name it) is showing when it should be hidden


i want lastscreen which background is cyan to be seen
the screen should be hidden is screen1

OK, this is an issue that we shouldn’t be having to fix for you!

Here is an image of your screen initialise blocks, with the two (yes two) sets of blocks setting screen 1 visible! By removing these screen1 no longer appears


Please focus a bit more on what you are doing, this was quite avoidable.


your right

I must know how to take a break


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