SimpleAppStore v1.0

Hi all! I present to you my humble app store project.

You can deploy your own app store in seconds!

What it does:

  • Gets the app list from a txt online (you need to set the url)
    & Checks for installed versions of the apps in the list
  • Displays the apps and their buttons (Install, Open, Update)
  • Checks regularly for installed apps status

What it doesn't do yet:

  • Doesn't refresh the remote app list (until it is restarted)
  • Doesn't support payments and premium apps.
  • Doesn't notify the users for new updates
  • Doesn't auto-update (you can add the app store in your app list)
  • Doesn't support screenshots/comments/ratings (yet)

Here you see it in action:

Questions & answers

What do I need to configure?
What should be the structure of the remote app list?

You can save this in your web server, or on google drive, or on github, etc.
or you can use the server API

How to deploy new versions of the apps, quickly and easily?

I have made a PHP server system, I'll publish it soon enough. With one click (!) you can deploy your fresh apks. edit: the API server is available @ GitHub - anonwins/simple-app-store-api: These are the server files for the SimpleAppStore AI2 project

What do the blocks do?

SimpleAppStore Server (API)

I have released an API server which handles deploying new versions with just one click! It's very easy to install, you just need a PHP server. See the documentation on github. I'm now working on creating an API for your API so you won't have to run your own server.


SimpleAppStore1.aia (95.8 KB)

Let me know what you think. I'd love to see someone use this. Have fun. Thank you.
TSF Anonwins


Very Great Job @anonwins

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Nice creating.


Thank you :slight_smile:

Here are the (optional) server files:

With this, you can deploy the new versions of your apps with just one click! Read the documentation for details.

I'll have more news soon!

TSF Anonwins