Simple Text Search

Hello Everyone

I'm looking to accomplish a search textbox to search certain words or letters in large textbox / label

but i couldn't find how to make such thing

similar to this [ ] but not in html

for example a simple textbox and search button or without search button and it highlight these words in a big text / label below , and another simple label to show how many results are there and if there's scroll to each one then it will be great

if there's an extension i can use to accomplish this please let me know

Thank you all

Maybe you could create a custom one using @Taifun 's textbox extension and take advantage of label's html properties to set color in text using `......





thank you so much @dora_paz

mmm is there a way to calculate how many occurrences like 2 results found label ?

and if the text is huge let's say 100 line is there a way to let it scroll to the word found ?

I thought you mentioned Simple Text Search :slight_smile:

Yes using regex extension by @Kevinkun

I'm not sure

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Probably. If you put the label in a scrolling arrangement and use a Scroll Handler extension.....and some head scratching to work out where the word is :wink:


Using Regex



thank you so much i will try it now , is there a way to scroll to each into a certain word in a big text

like 100 line and i want to scroll to a certain word in line 40 or whatever it ?

Maybe you could use LabelPlus - Additional methods for the Label component, to scroll the text to the specified line

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Is it possible to do the same with a textbox instead of a label ?

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