Simple Music Player - Next Song


Doing a crash course of AI with some 16yr olds and I want to create a "simple" Music player .

I have it so they can play songs listed each with their own button/event (play pause etc) howeve rit would be better if they say uploaded 5 songes and could just click 'next' and the next song loads.

BONUS would be if an image of the Band/Artist changed too to reflect the song.

So say Song 1 was Prince then they click next and Chaka Khan plays, (Prince stops, Image changes to Chaka etc)

The school I am at has MS Office 365 if you were thinking of hosting songs on the cloud etc.

Not sure of the best / easiest way around this given both time and their level of understanding (middle to low)

Any advice is welcomed.

Thank you in advance.

See the example jukebox app here (scroll to bottom of page)