Simple but useful filterbar block modification

Hi everibody, i notice that there is no possibility to erase the filter bar in listview. To this day, filterbar is the better way to filter thousand's words list, while it takes to long time with other methods.
I would really enjoy to make this extension myself, or an extension that will allow to fill this filter bar with anything we wishes, but i'm afraid i'm not smart enough to do that. So i wish here for some futur add of that block in future components.

Am i congruent? :frowning:

If you're looking to get started in extension development, you may want to take a look at the extension template repo as a way to get started:

@vishwas IIRC you also did a tutorial on getting started in extension development at FOSDEM. Did you record that and is it available publicly?

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Yes, the recording is available at

I'll upload the source code of the extension I wrote on stream here soon

:+1: thanks, i'll wait for that

Hi Smou_Smou,
Has anybody replied to you with a new extension to erase the filterbar's content?