Simple ble receiver

need example for simple BLE text receiver.
After the android app will connect to my device, it will need to receive text.

thanks for the help.

If you search the forum for your Topic title, you should find several solutions.

I saw several applications but i didnt receive nothing.
i have downloaded application to my iphone: smartdata (microchip) and after connection, i receive all my ble unit data.
I need to do my own app because in the future i will insert more capabilities.

Hi again

Currently, App Inventor only supports Android......

So, the attached project is a basic template which you should test as-is at first (with your own UUIDs) then once it is working, you can modify it to suit your requirements.
What device is sending the data?


rn4871 (microchip)

Have you written a script for it? The m4871 and your App need to be on the same page to exchange data.

i have a circuit that has this chip and i configure it.
my unit send the data automatically after connection.
i have downloaded to my iphone the application of microchip:SmartData.
after i see my device name on the app and press it, it automatically connect an d move to receive mode.
After that, i see my text that i have sent on the screen.
i need to do an app like that.


The point is this - the App needs to know:

  1. what has been used to mark the end-of-data
  2. what has been used to delimit the values
  3. The Service and Characteristic UUIDs

If you know these, then it should be plain sailing :grin:

Thanks for the help