Simple alexa skill does not work

Hi, I'm trying to make a simple alexa sklil following the recylcing day tutorials. Every time I send a request to test my skill it comes back with "This utterance did not resolve to any intent in your skill. Please invoke your skill and try again with a different utterance or update your interaction model to include this utterance before testing again." even though the utterance is an identical copy and paste of the intent I have configured. Can someone help please?

This discussion about utterance was solved and might be useful Sam

Hey Steve, this didn't work unfortunately

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this was by simply sending 'what time is it'

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When you first start a conversation with Alexa, you'll need to include the portion of the prompt "Alexa, [tell or ask] recycling day..." otherwise it doesn't know how to route your request as there might be many skills with the text "What time is it?" as an utterance.

Nope still doesn't work. Sorry to say but this is a really POOR introduction to programming for children and not fit for purpose.

Without seeing the commands you're sending to Alexa we cannot help you.

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I'm having the same issue. The Testing panel was working perfectly this morning/early afternoon, but is now constantly bringing up error messages (even though I haven't made any changes to my blocks). I would offer to send screenshots of my input commands to Alexa, but this is where another problem arises - the messages I send won't stay in the Test history. Only the error messages. It's super frustrating. Please advise? :pensive:

Is this the same error about "the utterance did not resolve"? This error actually comes from the Alexa service and isn't specifically an App Inventor issue. Is it happening for all of the intents in your project or only some of them?

Yes it's the same error, and is happening for all of them. I've tried countless different utterances, to no avail :slightly_frowning_face:

Cometí el mismo error y como explican, es necesario primero iniciar a Alexa para que seleccione de forma correcta al objetivo

1: Alexa, ask hello world greeter to.
R. This Skill was created with MIT App Inventor.

2: say hi
R. Hola pedro