Testing suddenly not working properly? Please help!

Hi there, really need help.

I'm currently developing an Alexa Skill. I've been working on my project for a few hours today, and everything has been going well. I was testing the skill, and all was fine. I successfully ran the skill from several angles perfectly, and made no changes to the blocks involved throughout this period.

However, when I tried to test the skill again (from the initial utterance), suddenly it's not recognising ANY of my utterances? Which were working perfectly 2 minutes prior? Having made no additional changes?

All it says is 'Sorry, I don't know about that. Please try again.' - I've quadruple checked my blocks, my utterances and my intents. There's nothing that could have physically gone wrong on my side?

My thinking is that there could be a bug on MIT's end - has anyone else had this problem?

Any help would be much appreciated. I'm working to a deadline and running out of time! In the meantime, I'll have a look into the source code and try to get it to work myself. Even temporary solutions would be massively helpful!

Many thanks

Update... I've tried the methods that worked in Crystal's post:

Incorrect Response from Alexa Testing

They have not helped at all. Moreover, if I type an utterance now, it won't show up in the testing history panel. Instead, alongside the error Crystal was receiving, I am also receiving the message @Sam1121 had/has. I don't know if yours has started working properly again? (sorry for the mention)

Sam's Issue

I've read everything I can about this issue and nothing is helping. My blocks aren't complicated, I just have many intents, which all look similar to this:

Web capture_2-3-2023_16185_alexa.appinventor.mit.edu

Each has around 20 possible utterances, none of which are working right now. I'm tearing my hair out :dizzy_face: (figuratively)

Please help.

Are you testing with a regular Alexa developer account or are you using an anonymous student account? If the former, you may want to go into the Alexa developer console and see if there are any duplicate skills with the same name. This could happen for example if you delete a project after logging out of your Amazon account, preventing App Inventor from cleaning up old skills.

This error tends to happen when you have more than one skill in your account as Alexa sometimes struggles to determine which skill you intend to invoke. Also it's worthwhile to be aware that Alexa is trained globally so there is the off chance that someone else has chosen utterances similar to yours and it ends up prioritizing another person's skill, resulting in this error.

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Ok, I'll check for that now. I'm using a developer account. I haven't intentionally created two skills, but my first attempt at the one I'm working on now did crash (and I assumed I'd lost it, since it wasn't showing in the MIT App Inventor project list).

I've managed to fix it. When my first project crashed, it only disappeared from the MIT App Inventor, and not from my Amazon Dev dashboard. Consequently, a few of my intents were conflicting. To fix the testing error completely, I also had to type "open [invocation name]" into the panel before my first intent. Thank you so much for your help! :relaxed:

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