SIM Network Provided Date Time?

hi i want at save SIM Network Provided Date Time? in my tinydb then hoiw can do it

The Clocks's SystemTime() Block returns the phone’s internal time. See Clock

You can format the system time with:
FormatTime( instant ) to convert and format the given instant into a string with the specified pattern. To learn more about valid patterns, please see SimpleDateFormat.

Similarly, FormatDateTime( instant , pattern ) converts and formats an instant into a string of date and time with the specified pattern.

Capture what you want using an EventHandler and write the result to a Tag in your TinyDB.

Try it! :slight_smile:

sorry you are talking about phone time which can be changed but i am asking about sim card provider orignal time

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The system time is what is available. What do you mean by sim card provider original time? I do not think such a thing exists. Google that topic and nothing returns.

This implies it can not be done (SIM Network Date Time) android - How can I get the "network" time, (from the "Automatic" setting called "Use network-provided values"), NOT the time on the phone? - Stack Overflow

This is a web based time experiment:

Okay, that's one approach that doesn't work.

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What about DateTools?

Don't bury the lede ...

Requests to NTP server to get online date time in milliseconds and raises event ‘GotOnlineDateTime’ with epoch timestamp and response

The online NTP server is independent of the phone and phone carrier, so it comes closest to the OP request.

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