Sidebar menu: how can I create a sidebar menu that pops up (slowly) at the left side

I want to create a side bar menu that pops up from the left side of the screen. This is where i can place buttons on to other items in my app.

You can try:

or if it doesn’t have to be a sidebar:

or have a look through the extensions list to see if there is something for you:

Thanks! I’m going to try this. I’ll let you know…

I’ve tried the first sidebar. It is very difficult to let it work.
Is it possible to use the dialog extension (easydialog) to make a sidebar work. I love the simplicity of this extension. The problem is that is always in the centre of the screen. Is it possible to set the dialogbox to the left and upper orientation of the screen?

Pretty sure it can’t be done with the dialog extension

For the slow pop up action you could use an Easing function from!category-topic/app-inventor-developers-library/other/H2WWvVvJDw0

The side menu and the main menu would have to be in a Horizontal Arrangement together.
The side menu would have its Width increased from 0 to whatever slowly while the main menu shrunk its Width accordingly.

Thanks! I’m going to try it.