Sidebar free extension permission

Well, with the companion, yes. Our happiness in apk is ok. I don't use companion because my applications are too heavy for this method.

And the most interesting thing is that the aia sample doesn't work with companion, but my application works. Strange things...

With "Development" checked, the sample aia works with companion.

I think I have a different version of the sidebar in my application because I don't have the "Development" option. And although I do not have this option, my version works automatically in apk and companion.

I already know. In the sample aia there is an older version of the extension. The aix extension file is newer.

As you can see the extension works :slight_smile:

Yes, obviously there are two versions (left: ext. imported, right: ext. in aia from Andres Cortes):

The extension without Development checkbox definitively doesn't work (e.g. on Android 11).


Maybe on android11 it doesn't work. It works on android 9 and 10.

I'll check this later on Android 10.

Many users of my application have android10 and they did not report the problem. Perhaps the problem will be after switching to android 11. This will be the worst android update ever :smiley: .

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It would be nice to be able to report extensions somewhere to Tajfun that do not work or are no longer available. The list on his site is long but many of these extensions no longer work or there are no aix files on the server anymore. It's a waste of time for such extensions.

sure... just let me know which of the extensions should be marked with "not working anymore" or probably should be removed completely...

@Anke where can anyone download the correct version?


I think you need to extract it from @Andres_Cotes example aia (using 7-Zip / WinRAR).
I haven't found the version with the Development checkbox anywhere.

But the z Development version is the same only it detects the companion work automatically. So you're saying that the version with "Development" works on android 11, but the one without "development" doesn't?

well, I guess the correct way would be just wait until @Andres_Cotes will upload the latest version here into this thread...


hello I will create a new updated version, a couple of days


No, I only said:

To finally clear this up:
The extension with Development checkbox also doesn't work on Android 10 & 11.

  • If the checkbox is checked Companion crashes.
  • If the checkbox is not checked I get this error:

    This happens on Android 10 and 11.
  • Both versions (with / without checkbox) crash on Android 10 & 11 with Companion. APK works.

  • The paid version works on Android 10 & 11 with Companion, but there is no image and the icons are not displayed (regardless of the checkbox is checked or not). APK works.

  • Both extensions (free & paid) work on Android ≤ 9.

With the APK it works so you calmed me down :). Fortunately, the users of my applications do not use companion :rofl:

For me, the paid app works fine. (It was Anke's suggestion) The free crash. Worth the price, it shows very well in my app.

(Android 10)

Hello Andres,

Any update for the extension?


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Here you have a fully functional side menu, without wondering which version works on which android:


There is also extensive documentation explaining the operation and setup of the menu.

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Please also give permission for 2021