Sidebar free extension permission

Hello everyone, I hereby authorize anyone who needs to use the sidebar version free extension for the MIT App Inventor Hackathon 2020 event to do it. This permission corresponds to this year and event only.


I, Andres Cotes, attest that I am the author of the extension Sidebar free version and grant that the extension included in this project is free and that MIT has a non-exclusive irrevocable license to republish the extension as part of the project file for the purposes of the MIT App Inventor Hackathon 2020.


Andres Cotes


Can you send the link of your extension?

Always the same answer:
All extensions (AI2, Thunkable, Kodular, ...) can be found here:

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taken from the extensions directory App Inventor Extensions | Pura Vida Apps


Trying to push the limits! Snippets, Tutorials and Extensions from Pura Vida Apps by Taifun.

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Does the Sidebar extension work within App Inventor 2?

Cause there are lots of thngs which dont seem to work and I cannot understand why?

what about elaborating on what exactly does not work from your point of view?

Hi there.

I wanted to try the extension for testing.

This is my code:


When installed on your phone, the application will stop after startup. As if the plugin is not compatible with MITAI2.

Am I correct? Or is something else the problem?

Yes, it seems that this version doesn't work anymore.
But the pro / paid version does.


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I don't know why this extension doesn't work for you. I am using this extension on one of my applications. I just tested it and after compiling the application it works normally.

Thank you Anke. Then I will use the PRO version, test it.

No, it doesn't work e.g. on a Pixel 2XL (Android 11) or a OnePlus 6 (Android 10).

I don't know why, but for me it works with both Companion and APK for android 9. But would the android version affect it? I know that my application also works on Android 10.

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What happens if you remove the AppInventor folder from your device and try to open the app?

So remove this folder from your device:
Does the app (APK) work?

I deleted this folder. There were various extensions and files from my applications. After removing the APK, it still works.

Try this (EDIT: APK removed):

The APK was built from @Andres_Cotes example aia:


Post the aia. I'll check ...

After installing sidebar.apk, I got an error related to MateriallIcons-Regular.ttf file. "Font asset not found / mnt / sdcard / AppInventor / assets / MateriallIcons-Reguar.ttf". But this error is not present in my application.

Yes, so ...

After removing the actionbar, the app works.
sidebar.aia (630.0 KB)