Shrinking window jumps back

As per blocks, A funny thing happens. When I click on the Open command button, the vertical arrangement (va1) slides nicely open to 400 pixels. When I click on the Close command button, the window slides nicely closed to 0 pixels.... then renders itself looking open, although the 'title.text' reports 0. va1 reopens to about 95 pixels.
Suggestions? I can force the zero pixels, but curious...

Your code overshoots, because you only test the limits after adjusting the Height.

Try testing first, so the Height never really goes negative or too big.

Tried that, ABG, I also tested <= 5 (as opposed to 0), seemed to work without having to press the height to zero.
Like I said, more a curiosity than issue,

Post a test aia.

Anke, I have moved on, solved the inflating window by testing the window size against the adjustment size. thanks though.

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