Showing Data from Firebase without nested tags

Because of the complicated Firebase data structure (made for an iOS app) when I retrieve the list of values it includes parentheses and a tag numbering system for each value (e.g. Q01, Q02, Q03, etc.) Is it possible to just show the text in the value, ie the sentence without the parentheses and Qxx.?

Screen Shot 2022-06-09 at 10.14.41 PM
Screen Shot 2022-06-09 at 10.46.03 PM

Thanks, Kris

You are displaying a list of lists in your listview. Listview converts a list to a strinbg and converts any square brackets to rounded brackets. You can prevent the display of the rounded brackets by creating a new list with each inner item from your list of lists, something like this:


assumes a list structure like this:


and makes a list like this:

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or use the Values block from Dictionary like this:


Thanks, this will help me understand the database structure for future parsing

Thanks, that's a quick fix to my immediate problem.

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