Show repeated items in list?

Hi, I'm currently learning to work with lists so I'm creating several different projects to practice.

I have a database of three parallel lists (name, surname and ID). My problem is:

  • How to show all three lists in the listpicker (and scroll them at once)
  • If not possible, show only names in the listpicker and if a repeated name is chosen, then show a choseDialog with the surnames (of repeated names) as options and chose the one you want.
  • But the choseDialog has only two options, what if a name is repeated three times or more? may I use another listpicker for surnames when there's a repeated name?

Here my messy blocks.

Thanks in advance

@ABG does have an example for this...


I like YAML Elements in a single List Picker for this.

Search this board for YAML.

Thanks @ABG and @Taifun I'll take a look

Or you could use labels

or use the Tableviewer extension by @Kevinkun

Thanks, I think the other option is better for what I'm trying to do, but I'll also try this option. Thanks!