Show multiple data with database

I am trying to send numbers representing equalizer bands from my phone through Bluetooth to an ATmega64 microcontroller. I have created buttons for each band, so when the "63Hz" button is pressed, I want to send the number 1 to the microcontroller, for "160Hz" 2, and so on up to OUT-9.

I've created a "Comenzi realizate->Completed Orders" button, and when it is pressed, I want to display the submitted values. For example, if the 160Hz button was pressed and then I submitted 4(represents the value by which I want to amplify the signal), I want the values to be displayed: 2, 4, and so on. Any ideas?

licenta_copy.aia (217.0 KB)

I have managed to save and display the values I send, but I don't know how to format them to be displayed, for example, as "5: 5, 6: -12", and so on.
licenta_copy (1).aia (217.8 KB)