Show list that is entered by the user


Hi, I am new to app inventor, and I am looking for help developing my app.

There is a feature I would like to add to my app, and I just unsure how o get it done.
As I am making a task reminder app, I can't get the tasks to show up as a list.
once the user has entered in their tasks, I would like to be able to delete the tasks from a list

What does BlueTooth have to do with collecting tasks in a list?

so The aim of this project is to Design a wireless connection between android phone and an Arduino Controlled Screen displaying users daily tasks using an Arduino mega

How many tasks per day?

Should they be associated with time slots, or just the day?

Should they be sent to the display individually, or all the day's tasks together?

so to show a list of 5 tasks
if you could add a day or the date that will be great
well at the moment the txts are sent and shown in a sequence so to 1 to 5
will I send you a clip on how it is working at the moment ?

This is a good place to learn TinyDB for holding your tasks on the app.

Use the date in yyyyMMDD format as the tag for a list (default empty list) of today's tasks.

Search the Gallery for "task list" for samples.

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