Show label text (missing)

I read text from google sheets into a label. Works good BUT …

I have to touch the label to get it to show???

What can i do about that?


Please show your relevant blocks

blocks (3) blocks (2) blocks (1) blocks

Are you sure that you want these blocks in GotText?

Yes, the listview is cumbersome and ALSO has to be ‘touched’ to read. The label works better. Its just wierd that you have to touch it.

The ListPicker needs to be touched but ListView shouldn't.

Are you aware that your incoming table will need to have at least 16 columns, or else you will get an error when you try to select item 10 in your format procedure?

You have written the format procedure in such a way that it gives the impression that you think lists are like arrays, that keep their shape and storage when you empty out items.
Removing an item from a list causes the remaining items after that index to collapse into that slot, giving them new indices.
After you remove item 1 from a list, item 2 slips into item 1’s slot, item 3 slips into item 2’s slot, all the way down the list.

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Does that relate to not seeing it till i touch it?

When i go over 10 columns it gives an error not to go over 10 columns

I don't think so, but it did look odd to me as well.

I’d like to see a video so I can understand better.

My video is too big

Upload it to YouTube

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Too big to email to the laptop for uploading, wont do it from phone … hmmm

Click this button on mobile:

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That is your listview, your “BackgroundColor” and “TextColor” are White and when you touch it, the item is selected and it’s “BackgroundColor” changes to the “Selectioncolor” which is Grey and then the text becomes visible because it’s no longer on a white background.

I duplicated it here:

I’ll fiddle with that tomorrow. Thanks

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