Show gif file when offline

I am working on a game
I want to add a gif
I know we can add it using web viewer
But I want my app to be offline
Web viewer won't run when offline

Convert the GIF to a MP4, then use the VideoPlayer component to play the MP4.

Download the gif on first run of app, then run it locally in webviewer

But can the user use it when offline

In video player I have to click on play
I want it to play automatically
Like Web viewer

The VideoPlayer has a start block, as discussed in another topic.

Webviewer works great when offline. Why do you think it wouldn't work?

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Oh i didn't know that

It is showing like this

What is ?

Show your blocks and file paths

It is like a splash screen

  1. I thought you wanted to show a gif ?
  2. You do not need the reload block

Type the URL that you have added in the GoToUrl block in a browser and go to the URL. If there are errors, this URL does not work.

Ok I will try

It worked
Thank you everyone
I just added _ this instead of space

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