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Please help. How to create TaifunTools ShowContent after using HideContent?

You have to restart the app, assuming that you do not have hideContent in initialise.

I can get it this way if the project is already an app, but when testing with MIT Companion there are some components that don't work properly on the screen that don't use HideContent.

for example ?

@TIMAI2 After I change the background color="0" then all works normally.
Previously I set backgroundcolor="white" so that the width of the dialogbox could not be set.
Thank you very much for your attention.

and what does this have to do with hideContent ?

Please show some images of the issue

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@TIMAI2 I'm sorry, that some blocks were erased so that it affected the display. and after I added HideContent, I thought this was the effect of HideContent, but it's not.
My post above has nothing to do with HideContent, it was an error due to some deleted blocks.
Once again, I am sorry.

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