Show Choose Dialog and/or add items to list

i made this demo software to add items to a list.
TestShowChooseDialog.aia (330.1 KB)

I run the program and click on the "NESSUN ORDINE" button

I click on "CREATE"

and I create the first order

Everything OK
I click on "CREATE" to create a second order

but when I confirm, it creates two identical ordinu by replacing the previous one

I did a lot of tests, but the only piece I found is to insert the highlighted block

Can someone help me? Don't want to release an App with a patch that I don't understand?
Thanks to those who can help me

It is not obvious as to where your problem lies...Perhaps provide a simplified example aia project?

Hello TIMAI2
Thank you for your answer. TestShowChooseDialog.aia is the simplified sample project. It also creates a log file (Debug.txt). Can you try my App and help me understand where I'm wrong?
Best regards

You need to upload or link your example project...

You need to enable the disabled block,which you mentioned in you post, else it will keep updating the same key for the dictionary
lexical_variable_get (5)

and that will result into duplication of results.

Now you can see there is no duplication of records.

Sorry I did not understand. The example is in the first message.

Sorry, I did not see that :wink:

Hi rnareshu,
thanks for your help. Even if I did not understand your explanation, you tell me that it is necessary and correct to clean "OrderLavoro" because the new values ​​are not overwritten, but append. Is that so?

To debug your app sometimes, users might request you to provide a project. Gianmario, open your project, on the top bar, select Project > Export selected project (aia) to my computer, then upload the downloaded AIA file here.

The OP' uploaded test aia in the beggining of #post1

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Sorry, I missed it...will be more careful next time... :sweat_smile:


Gordon_Lu and dora-paz,
thanks for your interest

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I did all possible debug with very reduced number of blocks but sorry I couldn't locate the issue, more probally it seems to be dictionary issue {not sure} or may be some memory or refrence issue, don't know.

Even with these number of blocks when I click on following block it is updating the existing added items in dictionary.

Iets wait for some expert opinion, thanks

Thanks rnareshu,
also for me it is a memory allocation problem.
We await the opinion of an expert.

No experts can help me?