Show all points of Facemesh in the order

I was trying to identify all the points from a face recognized by Facemesh extension.
I ended up building an app that shows a face built point by point either from point 1 to point 450 or from point 450 to point 1, and with a way to change the speed between one point and the following.
I thought that could be interesting to people who start playing with Facemesh but I cannot put it in the gallery.
But I can share the .aia file here, at least today's version.
Hope that could help.
FacemeshPoints.aia (2.8 MB)

Hello bh26

It's much appreciated that you wish to share your work with the Forum. The reason it won't load to the Gallery is because it uses an extension.

The Tutorials and Guides section would be a good place for it - but it needs to be supported with information showing how to use Facemesh with your Project featured as an example. Would you like to do that?

I look at some examples and I'll do it.

I created a small documents explaining a few other things about Face recognition with some examples and I added it to the Tutorial and guides part, and it's being reviewed.
However I cannot find the post.
How can I locate it to bring some changes?