Shortcuts for project actions

There is a project on the wiki for GSoC with title Shortcuts for project actions

Project Explanation: It would be very useful to be able to download the sources or the APK directly from the projects page.

Expected results: A new layout for the My Projects page from which a new set of options for downloading different packages are shown. There’s some initial work done on this so it could be expanded during the summer.

So, I wanted to inquire how much work is done already? Besides downloading the app, are there any other shortcuts as well which can be included as a part of this project?

As far as I’m aware, nobody has done any work to support this or prepare the design for this functionality. You may also want to consider thinking about issue 1172 as well as part of this:

I think the idea proposed in the discussion is implementable with minor modifications. It is feasible and user friendly. Can we implement that way ?

You may propose to implement it however you like. Just include it in the draft of your GSOC proposal.