Shortcuts for project actions project

In the brief explanation of this project it is given that we need to implement new shortcut options to download the sources or apk. so as per expected results we need new options.
so my approach for the project would be to give two button to export project to export source code(.aia) and apk.
so we can select and export project directly.
can we implement this functionality like this ?

Export of the sources is easy enough, but for the export of the APK, I’d like to see that if someone has built the APK but hasn’t changed the sources, then we probably want to reuse the version that is cached on the server side. Otherwise, we need to trigger a build and then serve up the APK. We have all the parts needed to make this work but it’s just a matter of putting them together.


Okay got this. In this way it will not need to rebuild the APK . And we’ll export the last version which the developer has built. is it so ?
Anything else to be done other than this two shortcuts?

Next time please search the forum first to avoid redundant topics.
And you can find the answer to your question here - Shortcuts for project actions . Also, the shortcut for exporting project (.aia) is already present.

Maybe you created the project at the same time i did. I’ve searched before posting this. There was no topic regarding this.

Thank you for the reference.