Shooter Game Two of Five Spaceships Do Not Vanish - Even If Coded Equal It Seems

Dear all,

I have a shooter game, which I have coded, but the problem is, that two of the five spaceships from the aliens, do not vanish. They should vanish, if they are shot. I searched half a day for the mistake, but I cannot find it. I am working with two clocks, one for the movement of the spaceships from the aliens, Saucer Sprites 1-5 (Clock1) and the other, AlienClock, for the movement of the alien bullet. The shooting rocket is dragged. Sometimes I had the impression, that if the aliens are shooting, it is not possible to shoot against them.

Could someone help, please? Thank you in advance! Martina

Here is the code (I am posting the whole code because I do not know where the mistake is):

  1. too much repeating coding. You need to use Any Component to make your codes simple.
  2. to move an imageSprite, you can use MoveTo block in the clock.Timer event, or use the internal clock by setting its heading/interval/speed. But you are using them both mixed up.

Dear Kevin, Thank you. I will try it, but I do not know exactly how. Where I can use the Any component blocks? If I look at it, I cannot use it for the clocks, because there are two different clocks in the game. The basic is the Space Invader tutorial of the MIT, but the spaceships do not vanish in the MIT code. There is also only one spaceship, so far I know.

show your aia here

Thank you very much. Without the move blocks in the code, there are no shootings balls any more. I tried it. The spaceships should move and they should shot against the rocket. Also they all should vanish, if they were shot. Here is the aia. But I will remove the aia after posting, that it will not be used by other users.

Do you have downloaded the .AIA already? Thanks!

Yes, you can delete it if you want.
And the reason the aliens not shoot is because the speed of the bullet is tooooo much fast, it just jumped over the aliens, they are not collided with each other.

You can set the speed to a vey small value then check.

And the UI is too bad to control.

Thank you so much, dear Kevin.

Great, Kevin! Thank you so much – It works! I had never thought, that the bullet speed could be much too high, I searched hours for hours the code. Thank you!

Dear Kevin, Something with bullets of the Aliens is still wrong on all three screens. The bullets should shoot in the direction downwards to the rocket, but they are "killed" in after some pixel downwards. What is wrong, please? Could you please have another look at the updated .AIA. Here it is:

And please tell me, if you have downloaded it.

Dear Kevin, Sorry, but I solved the problem by myself. There were a code missing, which is necessary: