Shooter Game Sprites

I am new to App Inventor and am trying to create a simple shooter game. When shooting a sprite and firing several times, the bullet sprite disappears and returns to the gun. I can create multiple sprites but that seem cumbersome and clunky. There has to be a better way but I have not seen anything in the forum or online. Any solutions or do I need to create multiple sprites?


Is this any help?

  • Better way? Not at present with App Inventor2. Developers can not currently create run time ImageSprites. Cumbersome and clunky is what is available at present.
  • Create multiple sprites, as many as you will ever need in your app. Hide the ImageSprites you do not use (Visible=false) and show the them (Visible=true) when needed.
  • Yes, you need to create multiple ImageSprites, but only as many as your app requires.


Thank you. Creating multiple image sprites is not too cumbersome. From a programming standpoint, is there a benefit to creating items versus multiple image sprites?

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Steve (gatorhoop)

I think that Space Invaders can only shoot one bullet at a time.