Shift focus from one image to another automatically

I am trying to make an app for people with physical disabilities who cannot click with the mouse. and I need to automatically shift the focus from one button to another, or to enlarge the click area around the mouse click and circle around it, someone could help me
I am trying with a clock and that every so often the focus of the button changes but I cannot set the change of focus

Could you hel me?

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Will it be just buttons?

You could make a list of button components, and add a When Any Button TouchDown event block to highlight the button (make it temporarily bigger until TouchUp, change its background color, increase its font size, etc.), grab the component block into a global variable, grab the current Clock SystemTime into another global variable, and start a Clock Timer that will fire after the user has camped out on the Button for some minimum length of time.

The Clock Timer event would check which button was in the global variable, and do a corresponding action.

P.S. I tried unsuccessfully to simulate dragging a finger around some buttons, but I was unable to capture that in the emulator for all my testing. Maybe it works better in an actual device, which I do not have handy. Here is my test bed ...

button_mash.aia (3.2 KB)

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Try this extension by Ken Nichols which gives a button focus


Here is another approach to this, assuming the user can't click specific buttons, but can click the screen (all buttons) and the cycling Clock decides which button is the user's response, depending on which button is highlighted in the current Clock Timer cycle, not the choice of which button might have been clicked.

button_cycler.aia (2.7 KB)