SharingTools Extension [Free & Open Source]

Oh hmm, okay the latest version i will add read and write permission if really needed

It seems to depend on the receiving app. I have no problems with Email WITHOUT permissions, Gmail apparently needs READ permission. This also applies to the Sharing component. Since the Sharing component declares READ permission in the Manifest, this permission can be requested / granted. In this respect, the extension should request this permission in order to guarantee as many sharing options as possible.

Btw, Kodular declares READ and WRITE permission for the Sharing component in the Manifest.

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The only strange thing is that two files read without permission, and one file already needs permission. Maybe it's just a error in extension?

This may be the case for Whatsapp (as I said, I can't check that), but not for Email or Gmail.

In Messenger too. I am testing it now with other apps. Gmail also displays an error that it cannot attach the file. App compiled in ai2. Google Drive also reports an error that unable to save the file.

This is actually true for Kodular. So you should basically (at least if the app was created with Kodular), choose .ShareMultipleFile as the method. Even if only 1 file is to be shared (to avoid requesting permsission).

But maybe it is also possible with AI2 if the extension bug has been fixed by @Salman_Dev.

Yup that is a very tiring thing, because I have to do various kinds of research by trying various kinds of code, and it can't be done now because I'm currently very busy with other research,
So if you guys can find a way to make the block work I can do my research well, so I can update my extensions too :innocent:

I think since we are in the ai2 community, and this is where the extension is placed, we should mainly focus on how this extension works in ai2. And don't suggest using kodular just to get the extension to work.

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Then explain or show us which code you used for the Kodular version and which for AI2.

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Oh mam, the code is same,
okay i will pm you the code guys

Maybe this is the problem? Maybe Kodular gives these permissions on uri, and ai2 doesn't.

If you are sharing a file with another applications on devices running KitKat and above , you will need to provide Uri permissions.

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Okay i will thinking about that, and you know I can't update my extension right now because I'm busy so please understand. Thank you

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Final Update

SharingTools Extension [Free & Open Source]

  • Fixed Minor Bugs in SendMultipleFiles Block
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@Anke I've updated the SendMultipleFiles block, and actually what's making the SendMultipleFiles block not working is that I'm not using NougatUtil which already contains the FileProvider class.

And also Thank you for reporting me about the bugs :kissing_heart:

Hi Everyone Now This Extension Is Open Source.

SharingTools Extension [Free & Open Source]

Note: This extension won't be updated anymore, that's why I've provided the source code.

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