Sharing an PDF (Image)

Hi, Please I urgently need help with this. I want to save the image1 (that is on the last screen) to my camera roll Or I want to share it using the share component.

Here a report is generated using the data entered by the user:

By using the layout to pdf extension, the report turns into an image stored in image 1. I want to share this image using the share component or save it to the camera roll

WhatsApp Image 2023-05-10 at 3.24.32 PM

Then use the Sharing component, selecting the file: "Evaluation Report"

(I would recommend removing any spaces from your filename, and give it an extension, e.g. .pdf )

Evaluation report is just a report generated in vertical layout so how to select the vertical layout in a way that it is saved as a picture?

You could try this extension instead:


Can you also kindly tell the format of the file path to be written and how to write it in the mit aap? Thanks

If you are creating the pdf with the pdf10 blocks or with the component to image extensions, then the pdf file is stored in your ASD. This can be accessed by using the file component.