Sharing a picture?

I built a DALL E-2 app. And, I added the Sharing component. But, it's not trying to share
the actual picture?

 Say GotImage happens, and, then the share button is pressed.  How do I get it to share the image it recieved?

You will need to save the image into storage first, because ShareFile block only accepts a file path.

Saved to storage? Like this? What is the path?

You need to download the image to your device first, then get the local (on device) path to the file

It's not your fault. But, you are mixing me up. I thought it was downloaded with the GotImage. Please try to create an example of what I should do?

The clue is here:


You have an image url which you can display in an image component, but this does not store the actual image file on your device.

Use the web component to download the file from the "imageUrl" to your device

Sorry, but I don't know how to do that?


I do not have the OpenAI extension....

I believe that I am making some progress. Next step?


However, it may be that the method you use for sharing (e.g. email/text message) may not be able to get your file from the ASD. You may have to copy the file to shared storage (Pictures)

I apologize for marking this solved yesterday, I was done for the day. But, I still would like to please ask you how to copy the generated image to Pictures? What do I do from here?

Use the file component to copy files

Taifun, thank you for getting involved in this one. :+1:

But, can you please try to show me with the blocks?

 I tried to use the SaveFile block and it didn't work with the prompt as the FileName. Nope. Besides, I don't want to have to name any file every time. And, I don't even want to add any text to the share.  It's okay if needed. 

But, I don't know what blocks to use. My ultimate goal is to be able to upload the generated image to the Google Photos app. 👍


myImage.png is located in your ASD:




I hope I'm not asking too much. I understand that you don't have the OpenAI extension. But, if possible, please try to build it with other blocks and then tell me what blocks I should use?