Share tinydb via Whatsapp

if i add data on tinydb can i share them via Whatsapp or telegram so that can be imported in some way directly from another user that use same app done with ai?

i am reading this for now

TinyDB saves the data on the app's device. To share data, TinyWebDB, Firebase, CloudDB,...

You can also take all the data from your TinyDB, copy it to a file and share with
another device that file on the Internet

and can be imported "on the fly" in some way this file on the app of another user?

If the file is not very large, it can be sent to CloudDB, the "other" device will be able to detect the data change, but the applications must be open.

I want to share the content of a listview..

What is the fastest way to share the list?
Shre a csv file?
Upload on a webserver a csv?
Upload on mysql db and retrieve via select
Share on cloudb?

the difference might be a few milliseconds...
sometimes one method wins, sometimes another method...
you might want to do some tests and let us know about the difference in speed...

another question is, why are you using a local database and not a server database?


the main goal of tha app is to create a shopping list to share between familiars the list.
i retrieve data (name of product, prize, image etc) from a mysql database and the items that user add on shopping list are stored in tinydb for now!

i am searching the easyiest and fastest way to share between users the list

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Let me suggest you to store the shopping list also in the MySQL database... one column of the shoppinglist table could be a random id to identify a specific shopping list... this id could be shared between several people, who should have access to that shopping list...

SELECT * FROM shoppinglist WHERE id = myRandomId

You then have to store only that id in TinyDB and everyone, who should have access to that shopping list can access it and always gets the up to date list


So the idea is to share the Myrandomid to other users and change on the fly the select query via php using a variable "myrandomid" and will appear the list?

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If you want to share anything through Whatsapp, you can use the TaifunSharing extension, made by the Taifun you are talking to.

I'm talking about text by the way.
You can share files too.

If you want to share a list, convert it to a csv row, and then use the TaifunSharing.Whatsapp(String text, String filePath) method to share the text.

There is no such block - focus on content, as opposed to style :wink:

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You yourself told that there is no such block and you yourself are showing the same block's image ?

I showed the block you intended to refer to, but you failed to emulate the correct syntax and content of the block. Keep it simple, so that others do not go off looking for something that does not exist.

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Man its easy to understand once one sees the block. I just wanted to tell him that such a block in such an extension, exists.

you share the random id with several users
those users then can use the SELECT query to get the shoppoing list they are interested in


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i think will be "easy" to retrieve data from mysql

but how i can pass to the php scritp a list csv ?

for example i have a list stored in tinydb and i want to share to a second user with listid and insert it in a mysql db!
how i can pass all the insert querys to php script?

INSERT INTO sharelist(id, prodotto, prezzo, img, listid) VALUES ([value-1],[value-2],[value-3],[value-4],[value-5])

for all the rows that i have in tinydb?

supposing i am using <?php/* * Written By: ShivalWolf * Date: 2011/06/03 * Contact: Shivalwol -

supposed i have a list stored on tinydb i want to write on mysql server the list
and then read!
read function is ok!

i am not able to write data from tinydb to mysql

testmysql.aia (110.2 KB)

you have to prepare the correct INSERT INTO statement in your blocks and send this to the php script

use Do it to debug your blocks, see also tip 4 here App Inventor: How to Learn | Pura Vida Apps
see also Live Development, Testing, and Debugging Tools

Trying to push the limits! Snippets, Tutorials and Extensions from Pura Vida Apps by icon24 Taifun.

and concerning the runtime error: first make sure, your SQL statement is correct (use Do it)....
and if it is correct and you still get the error, then the question is, wher exactly in your blocks does the error occur?


When i click on writesql button the error occur

As you can see i was using do it and i can see the data of the list