Share list view

I make app with list view of different things by her image.
So i want share my list view.
How can share list view by many element of text and image?

This pic is for example
How can i share this list view?

You could take a screenshot and share that.

Or you could program a series of screenshots, convert to pdf, and share that.

I make a products list view with those images.
Now i want to share elements on list view by whatsapp to my friend.
How can i share that?
Is it possible or must use extensions or cant totaly?

As TIMAI2 said you can not share a listview, you can share the input/output files

How can i share all elements in my list viewer?
Have a possible idea?
I must save many element with her details and image.
I want share those by whatsapp.
What do i do?

How do you populate the listview ?

How many elements will there be in the listview you want to share? 5,10, 50, + ?

I think you may be able to use the ViewUtils Extension by @Gordon_Lu to take an image of a component.

I'm not 100% sure though.

I use share whatsapp extension.
But with that can share only one element.
I want share more elements in one whatsapp massage.

You can save all data in cloudDB, all users who have your app can see the listview

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Yeah.thats right.
Thanks dear.

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