Share link from a site I visit

Is something that shows us how to share the link when I visit a website?
I mean from a website app every site I visit from the website?
If I put on top a share icon and when I click on this icon to share the site I am?

This will "share" the URL of the webpage the user is currently viewing in the WebViewer.

To add an icon to the Button, use an icon font. One of the most popular choices is Google's Material Icons.

Select the icon, then go to Android and copy the icon code. Set the text of your button to the icon code, and set the FontTypeface to the Material Icon font (download here:


WebsiteApp.aia (170.7 KB)

Why does it only share the title of the news and not its league?
Thanks for your answer

Sorry for the mistake I found

Thanks very much for your help

What do I need to change to make it bring up the home page of the website with an icon I have at the top of the screen, but bring it up inside the app and not in a browser outside the app?

To find the favicon of a website, usually you would add /favicon.ico to the end of the domain name, such as

Sorry I couldn't give from the beginning about what I want.
What I want is, the icon for the home page that I already have in the application, when clicked to be taken to the home page of the site and after I have visited an article from that page and from the article to click on the home icon and be transfers to the homepage, remaining in the application.
While the way I have done, it takes me to the homepage but takes me out of the application and opens with a browser.

I just tried your WebsiteApp and when I go to share it, it only says I can email it!
It doesn't give me any other option like e.g. messenger, or Viber etc
Is anything to do to have all the send options?

I do not know. This might be a device-specific issue only. The Sharing component works on my phone, where it gives me the option to send the link in WhatsApp and Telegram.

You might want to try a Sharing extension.

I tried the extension and finally found the solution.
Thank you very much

Please share your solution here for others wirh the same problem in future


This is here