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messages.aia (3.4 KB)

This creates a message label, that stacks messages in a list and displays them one at a time for a predetermined length of time. You can put in a user adjusted display time also.
This one will 'shrink' away the message and display the next one in the stack.

I have never shared anything, but most of my apps have a 'message' centre, and this makes it more fun.

Please reach out if necessary

please show some photo of app when it's running on phone.

Hi Kevinkun, I will try to accomplish that for you, but a photo will not allow you to see the text dispappear. If you add the .aia to a 'new project' and run it, it should work as is with predefined messages in a list.

Here is a video

Thanks Tim, you always come to the rescue!! Cheers

you see, this is the right way to showcase your app.Now we can see what your app can do easyly.

to download a aia, upload to server, open companion, scan qrcode, that is a lot of work to do.