Setting up AppInventor with Vagrant (for the first time...)

I am trying to setup MIT app inventor using vagrant and following setup instructions from github repo { GitHub - mit-cml/appinventor-sources: MIT App Inventor Public Open Source } I have downloaded vagrant and virtualbox then opening git bash in folder and following this command as given in repo
vagrant init
vagrant plugin install vagrant-vbguest
vagrant up
vagrant ssh

after it terminal shows
"VM must be created before running this command. Run 'vagrant up' first"

again i do vagrantup then it shows following
default: Box 'base' could not be found.
default: Box Provi der: vi rtualbox
default: Box Version: 0
ox provi er...
Attempting to find and install...
: /program Fi 1 es/vagrant/embedded/mi ngw64/1ib/ruby/3.1. O/uri /rfc3986_parser. rb :6
: in •split':
bad URI (is not URI?) : "file:///C:/Users/gaura/Desktop/GSOC/MIT App
inventor folder/base" (URI: : InvalidURIError)......................

why this error is coming and how it can be resolved ?

Firstly, never do this. vagrant init creates a new Vagrantfile, which will overwrite the one that exists in our repository.

Your directory contains spaces, which do not make for a valid URI. Rename the folder if you want to proceed.

Lastly, your path mentions GSOC. I would strongly recommend if you are planning to participate in GSOC next year that you invest in setting up your native environment using the manual setup instructions. Building on your native environment is much more efficient than building through Vagrant (by an order of magnitude typically).