Setting Notification when Date Picker Selection comes of day

hi so I've been working on my app and I wanted to add a fun feature to it. Which is that when the date picker selection comes to that day it will send a notif saying "happy birthday" but every time I try doing that it cancels out something else connecting to the date picker (which is after the date is set the label will set its digits).is there a way to fix this?

Try this-

Hi it keeps saying the arguements of the "formatDate" is not like acceptable.

Show your code

I tested it, and it is working well. :confused:

i just have a different message

do u see my code?

Show your issue...

It works OK for me too:

Works for me also with no problem. The only actual difference that I see in @_MOBILE_APP 's blocks is I believe a space

ok,i'll take it off