Setting Labels using loop (Any Label?)

Hi all,

I'm fairly new to app inventor and I'm trying to make a sporting scoreboard. I'm using firebase to get the live data, which is then sorted to determine the order of the scores. This is where I am stuck. I need to now iteratively set label texts on the leader board with a value from the sorted scores. I have attempted to use "Any label" and have a list of all the labels I want to set. Then step through each label and set them to an item in my scores list. This has not been successful, mainly because I don't think I'm using the "any label" -"setLabel" component correctly.

Does anyone have any better ways to achieve this or know how to set multiple labels in a loop?

(The image below is not the actual blocks I will be using, its more of an illustration of what I've been trying to do)


On the of component parameter, use get item.
on index, use index in list thing get item list get global labelList

Assuming you have two lists, the label component list and the list in value, you may want to approach this in one of two ways: