Setting Icon Menu of the Screen


How to Set to remove or Edit the Optional on Menu

In MIT AI2 you can't manage the menu, so I recommend you to use an extension or if you don't want to use an extension, you just hide the ActionBar and create an ActionBar using Arrangement.

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No I just need to Unvisible the Option "Setting"

I think the "setting" option will disappear if you build apk

mine doesn't have the "settings" option. I think you are using a companion

Yes. may you show what r u used?

I use my cellphone

me too. any another way?

try to build apk :innocent:

Can you help me to solve problem on the Prev. topic?

I will try :face_with_monocle:

ok. Thanks in advance

So, is this problem resolved?

not solved yet. the case is how to remove the data in spreadsheet

hmm that's a problem in another topic right, then this topic's problem has been solved?

I am sure that the setting option only appears if you are using a companion, try to build the apk and test, I am sure the settings option will not appear again. :+1:

I want to delete without using script based on the function to display the table on list view not using script

please talk about it on another topic. thank you

yes please comment to the topic to talk about it. thanks

btw, which topic can we talk about that :sweat_smile:
(Link :flushed:)